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You are an events organiser and/or adviser in choosing service providers and venues for events, but your business is not located in Marrakech?

We are delighted to offer you the perfect solution: our Hosted Buyer programme!

By registering for the Hosted Buyer Programme, you will enjoy a VIP welcome and support during your participation.

We offer the following services

Transportation from major cities.
You are free to choose the return date and enjoy the Famtrips offered after the show, or stay for the weekend and discover Marrakech.

1 to 3 nights 5-star B&B,
depending on your option.

Invitations for delicious freshly cooked meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Transfers during the programme.

Invitations for the networking events and the unforgettable Gala Dinner.

VIP support and welcome by the Meetings Morocco teams before and during the event.

Your bespoke appointments programme, personalised to meet your needs and projects.

A made-to-measure stunning Famtrips program, to the Moroccan regions.

Discover our Hosted Buyers' testimonials

Arne RASIMUS Liganova, Germany

Meetings Morocco 2016 was for me the perfect opportunity to get to know the city, the country, the culture, the people... Organisation was very satisfying and exhibtor very useful.

Barry SWALES Tucana Global, Spain

I wanted to thank you for a great conference and fam trip, very useful and made some good connections in Morocco. Wheels in motion to start working in the country soon. I hope the conference continues to grow and flourish in the future.

C├ęcile ALGER EBP Informatique, France

When organizing an event, you need to have a global vision, to know the partners, the providers, the venues, and Meetings Morocco allowed me to come to the 2-day exhibition, and meet with these professionals.

Judith SZEMERE Hogg Robinson Group, United Kingdom

I have made some real high-quality connections here.

Helen ZHAO Global Century Science Group, United Kingdom

Thanks for arranging such fantastic event for all of us and thanks for your hard work. I will be back again for further site inspection with 10 hotels in February.

Karim TABET-DERRAZ PPbyK, France

Meetings Morocco was a real opportunity for us to meet professionals from all over Morocco, some will surely be new partners in the coming months. The PPbyK agency is delighted to build something solid and durable with Marrakech but also throughout Morocco.

Christian SELCHAU Helmsbriscoe, Turkey

Meetings Morocco was a surprising and refreshing get together in Marrakesh to explore the opportunities of having events in the country. The overall quality of venues and genuine hospitality of Moroccan exhibitors made this an event not to miss. Attention to detail by organizers all the way. Almost perfect execution of Even.