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Terms and conditions of access for Meetings Morocco Hosted Buyers.


The event "Meetings Morocco" is organised by the company Globe Network, hereinafter referred to as the organiser.


The present Agreement defines the conditions under which this event is set up and operated by the organiser. It sets out the respective rights and obligations of the participant and the organiser. The participant formally undertakes to comply with this Agreement.

The term "Hosted Buyer" refers to any person registering for the event within the programme which notably includes transport and accommodation.

Article 1 - General

The Hosted Buyer programme includes:

The Hosted Buyer programme does not include anything not specifically stated above, notably:

Article 2 - Event Schedule

The programme and organisational details of the event, including the dates, times, and location of the event are determined by the organiser and may be changed at its initiative. In the framework of your participation as a Hosted Buyer, you agree to comply with and participate in the programme, namely: appointments, lunches and the networking evening.

The organiser reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event, as well as the right to cancel the participation of any visitor or exhibitor without any claim or compensation being due to the participant.

Article 3 - Appointments

As a Hosted Buyer, your presence at the event is financed by the exhibitors. As a result, you therefore undertake to attend the entire event and to seek a minimum of 15 appointments with the exhibitors of your choice. You also agree to honour all your appointments.

Article 4 - Direct marketing

Your presence at the event falls within the framework of the organisation of one of your professional events in Morocco. If you have a dual role as Buyer/Supplier you undertake not to market your services during the event.

Article 5 - Admissions control

The organiser has no obligation to justify its decisions concerning any application for participation. The acceptance of the participant's application is confirmed by the reply received by the participant from the organiser. Despite having been accepted, any request to participate by a participant shall be considered null and void if their business is managed partly or totally by any court appointed officer, receiver or liquidator. In particular, this shall apply to any request to participate made by a company filing a petition in bankruptcy between the date of its request for participation and the opening date of the event. However, the organiser may, if the company is authorised by a court to continue its operations, decide to maintain its participation.

Article 6 - Transfer

Other than with the prior written permission of the organiser, a participant may not transfer or share, with or without payment, all or part of its participation in the event.

Article 7 - Cancellation

In the event of withdrawal after 1 December 2016, the participant will be charged a flat fee of € 350 VAT excl. by Meetings Morocco to cover expenses incurred. All cancellations must be notified and justified by the Hosted Buyer by email, to the following address The participant may however be replaced by someone of equivalent responsibility and/or position in the participant’s company, subject to validation by Meetings Morocco. Any additional costs incurred for changing the name on the tickets shall be at the participant’s charge.

Article 8 - Insurance

The organisers have a civil responsibility as organisers of the event. This responsibility may not under any circumstances extend to any damage caused by third parties to any participant. The owners of the venues where the event is held shall be liable in their capacity as owner of the buildings and facilities, fixed or temporary, being used for the event and for the operation of all activities and businesses that they manage directly. This shall be true for all external companies. The participant must be covered by an individual civil liability insurance policy and accept to be held responsible for any damage caused to others either by themselves or by their staff or their equipment or installations. The participant must be covered by an insurance policy covering any equipment or other goods belonging to or entrusted to them and brought to the event. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure the protection of their property and belongings. The organiser shall accept no responsibility in this field.

Article 9 - Customs

It is the responsibility of each participant to complete customs formalities for any equipment and products arriving from abroad. The organiser may not be held responsible for problems that may arise during these formalities.

Article 10 - Administrative formalities

It is the responsibility of each participant to complete the necessary formalities for entering the country and obtaining a visa (if necessary), depending on their nationality. If you are asked to provide an invitation letter or certificate from the event organiser, you should make the appropriate request via Any non-participation in the event due to a failure to enter the territory and/or obtain a visa, will be considered a last-minute cancellation. As such Meetings Morocco will charge the participant a flat fee of € 350 VAT excl. to cover expenses incurred.

Article 11 - Safety

The participant must respect any safety measures imposed by the administrative or judicial authorities and any security measures taken by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to verify compliance with these measures. Surveillance is carried out under the control of the organiser; any decision made by the organiser concerning the application of safety regulations must be implemented immediately.

Article 12 - Shooting

The participant expressly authorizes the organizer:

Article 13 - Application of this Agreement

Any violation of the provisions of this Agreement and the internal rules and regulations issued by the organiser may result in the exclusion of the offender concerned, and this without notice being given.

Article 14 - Modification of the Agreement

The organiser reserves the right to rule on any situation not provided for in this Agreement and to provide such amendments or additions deemed necessary such that it becomes applicable immediately.

Article 15 - Disputes

In the event of any dispute, the participant undertakes to submit their complaint to the organiser before taking any other procedure. Any action commenced before the expiry of a period of fifteen days from the date of this statement shall be, as formally agreed to by the participant, declared inadmissible. In the event of litigation only the courts applicable to the organiser's head office shall be deemed competent.

Article 16 - Confidentiality

Your information remains the sole use of the organizer and its official partners.

This present Agreement is a translation of an original document drawn up in French and in the event of any conflict only the original French shall be considered binding.